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How to Load Your Brink

1. Pull the magnetic mouthpiece off the device.

2. Pack up to 0.5g of herbs in the Nano-Glazed chamber. We recommend a medium grind; not too chunky and not too fine or powdery.

*If you have finely ground herbs, use a screen! These sit right under the mouthpiece and will catch debris before you inhale it.

3. Use your finger to gently press down on the top of your herbs, but don't stuff them down in there. You still want to get some good airflow going. Replace the mouthpiece.

How to Set Your Temperature

Once your bowl is packed, click the power button 5x to turn the device on. It will automatically start heating to the temperature you used during your last session.

If you'd prefer a different temperature, use the +/- buttons to change it. Hold the power button down for 2 seconds (until it buzzes) and it will start heating again.

The 3 temperature ranges are:

Low: 320°F - 340°F
Medium: 350° - 370°F
High: 372° - 400°F

How to Find Your Temperature Sweet Spot

Since you aren't choosing a precise temperature, the beginning of your 4:20 session will be at the lower end of your chosen temp range, and it will end with the higher temperature.

Ex: low will heat to 320° and slowly make its way to 340°.

Make sure to experiment with the different levels! They provide very different experiences.

Far Infrared Energy

Ooze C-Core dry herb vapes are the only flower vaporizers on the market to utilize far infrared energy! This advanced heat penetrates deep into the center of the chamber, making sure even the most central leaves are evenly toasted.

Conduction Heating

The Nano-Glazed C-Core uses a special ceramic formula. When this ceramic heats up, the particles link together to form a heat chain that holds onto that heat.

The entire chamber is covered with this ceramic, so it's important that the chamber maintains an even temperature during the entire 4:20 session.

Other vapes use ceramic that is terrible at holding on to heat. It creates heat pockets that torch the flower in some spots, while leaving other spots perfectly green and untouched. The Brink uses the most efficient conduction heating possible.Your Text

Convection Heating

The Nano-Glazed C-Core has a special pill-shaped chamber. This chamber has an engineered pathway that powers the convection heating method.

The convection heat pulls the hot air over the top of the herbs, making sure it heats from the top-down.

The air intake holes in the bottom of the chamber pull air in, and swirls the heat around inside of bowl. It circulates fully, creating a vortex inside. No herb is left untouched in the Nano-Glazed C-Core!


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