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How to Load the Verge

1. Pull the magnetic mouthpiece cap off the device.

2. Pack up to ½g of herbs in the Nano-Glazed chamber. We recommend a medium grind; not too chunky and not too fine or powdery.

3. Use your finger to gently press down on the top of your herbs, but don’t stuff them down in there. You still want to get some good airflow going.

4. Press the button 5x to turn the device on. The pulse wave tech will buzz, and the screen will be covered in slime.

How to Set Your Temperature

1. When you turn the Verge on, it will automatically be set to the temperature you used during your previous session.

2. Use the Up and Down arrows to change the temperature one degree at a time (302-446°F/150-230°C).

• We recommend experimenting with different temperatures to find your preferred sweet spot! For strong, tasty flavors, try in the range of 375-400°F. For bigger, more robust clouds, set it to 400°F or higher.

How to Switch Between Celsius and Fahrenheit:

• Press both Up and Down arrows at the same time to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

How to Change Your Sesh Time 

1. The Verge will automatically be set to the session timer duration you used during your previous session.

2. Press the button 3x to change from temperature selection to the session timer.

3. Use the Up and Down arrows to select a sesh duration in 30-second increments from 3 minutes up to 6 minutes.

How to Start a Verge Smoke Session 

1. Once you’ve selected your temperature and sesh time, press and hold the button for 2 seconds to start heating.

2. Watch the temperature climb on the screen, and the device will buzz once it reaches your temp.

3. The Verge will maintain your desired temperature until the session timer runs out.

4. To pause your sesh, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

5. When the sesh is paused, you can adjust the temperature using the Up and Down arrows.

6. To restart the session, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. If you chose a new temp, the device will adjust and buzz again once it reaches the new temperature.

How to Use the Verge with a Water Pipe

Want to combine the delicious, pure vapor from your dry herb vape with the smoothness of a bong? We offer a water pipe adapter for the Verge! This makes the device compatible with any 14mm water pipe.

1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece from the Verge. 

2. Replace the mouthpiece with the magnetic water pipe adapter. It will click into place. 

3. Turn the Verge upside down and insert the adapter into the downstem of your bong. 

4. Start your session and enjoy smooth bong rips! 


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